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Brutal Chastity: Hotwifes Suprise Cuckold Session Scarlett Steele

Brutal Chastity: Hotwifes Suprise Cuckold Session

Scarlett Steele

Published September 29th 2014
Kindle Edition
30 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

[Alternate cover edition of ASIN: B00O29R0VC, originally published under the author name Stacy Fox].Brutal Chastity - Hotwife’s Suprise Cuckold Session (Cuckold, Tease & Denial, Devilish Chastity Twist)Scarlett Morrison decides that the best way to get back into the romantic marriage that her and Kevin Morrison had when they first were married is to book a surprise weekend in a hotel that she has set up with candles and wine for the both of them.Wanting it to be a surprise for Kevin she makes the reservations without him knowing about it.A chance to kindle the flame that she believes they have lost along the road of working and having to pay attention to the real world instead of finding time for one another to find themselves together again.While packing for their weekend getaway Scarlett adds toys to her suitcase hoping to spice up their marriage by doing things that theyve never done before.As you read on in this story you will see that Scarletts intentions of a hot weekend will leave you wanting more from her as she enjoys the role of the sexy renewed wife that she wants to show Kevin.She wants to show Kevin a side of her that he has never seen before.WarningThis 6000 short story contains mature themes including tease and denial, pegging, cuckolding, ass worship and a devilish chastity twist.Excerpt“Why do you have that?” He groaned, looking over at her as she slowly began attaching the strap on to herself.“I want to shove this in your a** Kevin.” She told him, looking at him without smiling.“No way, that is not going in me.” Kevin laughed, thinking that she was joking at first.“If you want me to suck your c**k again tonight and possibly let you c** in my mouth you will let me do it.” She pointed out to him.When Kevin saw that there was no smile on her face and that she was being completely serious with him he blushed a little.“Do you know how embarrassing it would if anyone found out that I had a rubber d*** inside my a**?” He asked, glaring at her.“No one is going to find out. Stop being a baby.” She frowned at him.Kevin didnt know what to do. He didnt want her f****** his a** with the strap on. It was embarrassing to himself just thinking about it.“Im not being a baby.” He sighed heavily.“Good, then roll over and get on your hands and knees.” She told him. It wasnt a question it was something that she wanted to do and since she was in control she expected him to do what she instructed.